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本文摘要:Google has suspended sales of the test version of its smartglasses and reshuffled the group behind the project to put it under different management.谷歌停止了正式版智能眼镜的销售,并重组了该项目的幕后团队,将其置放有所不同机构的管理之下。


Google has suspended sales of the test version of its smartglasses and reshuffled the group behind the project to put it under different management.谷歌停止了正式版智能眼镜的销售,并重组了该项目的幕后团队,将其置放有所不同机构的管理之下。The action follows a troubled trial period during which the device, called Google Glass, has been widely criticised as a threat to privacy, with many early advocates in the tech world giving up wearing the product.此前,谷歌曾身陷一场十分困难的官司。在那段时期内,被称作谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)这款设备被普遍抨击为对隐私权的众多威胁。在科技界,许多该产品最初的倡导者都已仍然配戴这款产品。

One person familiar with Google’s decision said, however, that the company was not backing away from the troubled project, but was pushing ahead with a second version.不过,一位此要求的知情人士称之为,谷歌未解散这一陷于困难的项目,而是正在希望发售新的版本。“Going back to the drawing board is the right thing to do” because few owners still wear them, but it is “too premature” to declare Glass a failure, said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar Worldpanel. Glass was an ambitious early attempt at wearable technology, which “consumers still do not fully understand and are unwilling, for the most part, to spend a lot of money on,” she added.凯度消费者指数(Kantar Worldpanel)分析师卡罗琳娜米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)回应,由于很少还有买家仍在配戴这款眼镜,“将它回炉新的设计是十分准确的自由选择”。

不过,现在声称谷歌眼镜告终还“为时尚早”。她补足说道,谷歌眼镜是对可穿着技术一次十分大胆的早期尝试,“消费者仍并未几乎解读这款产品,最主要的是,他们不愿花费过于多资金在该产品上”。The first version had been limited to a so-called “Explorer edition” that was intended as a trial and had achieved its goal of helping the company understand the technology better, the person close to Google said. However, the company had said at one stage that it planned to put the product on general sale before the end of last year.与谷歌关系密切的人士回应,第一版谷歌眼镜仅限于所谓“探索者版本”,它的本意就是用作测试,并已构建了协助谷歌提升对可穿着技术了解的目标。不过,谷歌一度回应,计划在2014年年底前大范围销售该款产品。

Glass is a product of Google’s X laboratory, which was set up under co-founder Sergey Brin to make big bets on projects such as driverless cars. None of these has yet resulted in new products for Google, despite attracting great interest with their technology breakthroughs.谷歌眼镜是谷歌旗下X实验室的产品。该实验室由谷歌联合创始人谢尔盖布林(Sergey Brin)成立,其目的是用作豪赌无人驾驶汽车等项目。不过,尽管这些项目在技术上的突破引发了人们的很大兴趣,它们还没为谷歌的产品线加到新成员。The Glass project will be taken out of the X lab and put under the control of Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive who runs Google’s Nest smarthome division.谷歌将把谷歌眼镜项目从X实验室分离出来,置放托尼法代尔(Tony Fadell)管控之下。

法代尔曾是苹果公司(Apple)的主管,目前管理着谷歌旗下的Nest智能家居部门。Putting Mr Fadell in charge suggested that Google would do more work on design while also looking for ways to make Glass more useful by integrating the technology with other connected home and car products, said Ms Milanesi.米拉内西回应,让法代尔负责管理该项目,意味著谷歌不会在积极开展更加多设计工作的同时,通过将该技术与其他物联网家庭和汽车产品的统合,想要办法让谷歌眼镜显得更为简单。The decision marks a significant expansion of Mr Fadell’s responsibilities and throws him into a head-to-head contest with his former colleagues at Apple, whose Watch device, expected to go on sale soon, is the tech world’s other most closely followed experiment in the area.这一要求标志着法代尔身负的责任大大增加,并让他陷于与苹果前同事针锋相对的竞争之中。

目前,苹果公司旗下的苹果手表(Apple Watch)设备预计迅速就会上架销售。该产品是科技界另一款受到最紧密注目的可穿着领域试验产品。It also represents a change in direction from the strategy that Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, had laid out. His earlier plan had been to give Mr Fadell considerable autonomy inside the company to build a big business around home automation, rather than giving him responsibility for other hardware initiatives.此外,该要求还意味著,对于其首席执行官拉里佩奇(Larry Page)所做到的战略布局,谷歌正在加以调整。此前,佩奇的计划并不是让法代尔负责管理其他硬件项目,而是在公司内部彰显他很大自治权,以便环绕家庭自动化打造出规模可观的业务。


Google also hinted at shifting the focus of Glass more towards business rather than consumer use. Much of the early interest from software developers has involved writing applications for workers who need access to information while their hands are busy with other things.此外,谷歌还似乎不会把谷歌眼镜的注意力更好地改向商用而非家用。对于软件开发商来说,他们最初的兴趣主要放到了为某些员工撰写应用程序上。这些员工必须在双手被闲置时采访各种信息。

“Glass at Work has been growing and we’re seeing incredible developments with Glass in the workplace,” the company said in a statement announcing the change.谷歌在宣告这一调整的声明中回应:“职场版谷歌眼镜仍然在快速增长。我们找到,谷歌眼镜工商管理场的发展令人难以置信。